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Post-Operative Instructions for Nasal Surgery

Things To Avoid Until directed Otherwise By Your Physician

  • Rubbing or blowing your nose
  • Sneezing (stifle by coughing with mouth open)
  • Bumping the nose
  • Bending or heavy lifting or strenuous exercise
  • Hot liquids and foods that require hard chewing
  • Smoking or alcoholic beverages

Things To Do Unless Directed Otherwise By Your Physician

  • Rest and stay off your feet for the first 48 hours
  • Sleep with head elevated on two pillows
  • Drink clear liquids only for the first 8 hours after surgery.  Afterwards if no nausea or vomiting, you may start on soft diet and drink plenty of fluids
  • Apply ice compresses to eyes, forehead and on either side of the nose for first 24 hours after surgery to minimize swelling and bruising
  • May apply Vaseline to lips if desired
  • Use a cool-mist vaporizer to help keep mouth and throat moist
  • Change drip pad under your nose as needed
  • Leave any nasal packing or splints in place
  • Take your prescription antibiotics and pain medication as recommended

Call Your Doctor

  • If you have excessive bleeding (soaking drip pad every 15 minutes)
  • If you have increasing pain or headache that is not relieved by your pain medication
  • If nose swells up excessively (mild swelling is expected)

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